Custom Allied Medal Hanger Product Review + Giveaway

A couple of years ago I did a product review on a triathlon themed medal hanger made by Allied Medal Hangers. In the last review I went over a 24 inch single bar medal hanger. This time around I’m taking a close look a their ability to do custom medal hangers!  I love that this company gives you the option to build a medal hanger to perfectly fit your needs and personality.

Ordering Process

Here’s how the custom ordering works. Go to  . Once you’re there, there is a ‘custom’ option on the top menu bar. Once you’ve clicked that you’ll have the option to add any text in seven different fonts. There is also over 125 figures to choose from such as stars, wrestlers, karate figures, gymnastic figures, etc. Over 125! That’s a lot of options to choose from. They’ve thought of almost every single sport or lifestyle that someone would need a medal hanger for including dog tags for those who are in the armed services.

There’s an option choose the height, width and how many rows you’d like (1-3). Once you’ve selected and added your custom text, figures, and size there is a nice display preview of exactly what your custom display looks like.



Once you’ve finalized your custom display all you have to do is add the display to your cart online and finish the order process by filling out your demographic and payment information. Shipping is usually $10 depending on where you live. I live in Utah and the display was shipped via FedEx from Washington State so I received it within 2 business days once I got the shipping notification. Expedited shipping is also available. They ship oversees which is great for those not located in the US.


If for some reason you don’t like the options available in the custom display menu you can email them at with what you’d like and they’ll design a display for you! So awesome!

I prefer the clean stainless steel look but if you’d like the display in color they can have it powder coated for extra.


The installation for this hanger is pretty easy. It comes with screws, drywall anchors and spacers. All you need is a drill (3/16 drill bit) and a screw driver.


Hold the hanger against the wall where you’d like it. Use a level underneath to make sure it’s level. The nice thing about this hanger is it serves as a stencil to mark where you need to drill. Use a pencil and mark the wall through the screw holes on the hanger. Set the hanger aside and drill the holes using your drill where you marked them on the wall. Push drywall anchors in the now drilled holes in the wall. Then put the spacer on the wall, then the hanger, then the screw and screw it in place with you screw driver. I found it helpful to screw in the middle screw first so it stabilized the hanger to then place the additional 4 screws.


Once the hanger is completely in place it is very stable and strong. The spacers behind the hanger give the display depth which looks phenomenal.


Hanging Your Medals

This model hanger has 3 bars beneath the custom display. Allied Medal Hanger’s website states you can hang about 30 medals per 30 inch bar. Since medals vary a lot in ribbon size I personally found it better to only fit 20 per bar but this is a completely personal choice. Some people like their medals very spaced out while others like to stack as many in as they can get. With 3 total 30 inch bars on this hanger you can potentially hold 90 medals!


Since there isn’t a lot of room between each bar the company also gives you plastic clips that allow you to stagger and arrange  your medals to your liking which I think is an excellent idea.



I really love this hanger. I love the cut stainless steel and that I had the ability to design anything I wanted. It’s a very sturdy hanger and I know it’s going to last forever. It looks great with very few medals and many medals on it. I like that it gives you the capability to hold a so many medals leaving my racing lots of room to grow.

I now own a 30 inch 3 bar hanger and a 24 inch single bar hanger. I like the 30 inch hanger to hold the bulk of my medals and now I can feature my favorite medals on the single 24 inch bar hanger.



Giveaway Time!

For one lucky reader Allied Medal Hangers is going to giveaway a $25 gift code to use towards a purchase of one their hangers!

How it works –

Leaving a comment on this blog post will get you one entry. You can get extra entries for following me (@utahtrigirl) and Allied Medal Hangers (@alliedmedalhangers) on Instagram. You can also get extra entries by tagging friends on the giveaway post on Instagram.

The giveaway will end on 10/29/15 at 10 AM MST. I will randomly pick a winner and announce the winner shortly thereafter here on this post and on Instagram.

*** 10/29/15 11:30 AM**

A winner has been chosen! Congrats @ ironjen!



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