Running Scared 5k

I’d been looking forward to race for weeks. Earlier in the month my husband and I had some friends over for dinner. I mentioned that the Running Scared 5k/10k (put on by US Tri Sports) sounded like a fun race to do. They jumped at the idea of all of us going together as Power Rangers. The morning of the race was very chilly, about 38 degrees. Our costumes were very thin so I wore my thermal running gear underneath. I loved that the race didn’t start until 10 AM because it gave me an extra hour or so to sleep in. As we were driving to the event in Herriman all the Power Rangers checked in with each other via text message. Pterodactyl checking in!

Cameron, Me, Emily and Spencer before the race.

We arrived at the park in Herriman at about 9:30, got checked in and tried to stay warm until the starting time. It was fun to see everyone dressed up in costumes. We had a couple of people take our picture for their kids back home. There was one little boy that just stared at us, eyes big as saucers. We waived at him and he gave us a shy little wave back. So cute!

We lined up at the starting line and the race director gave us a count down. The first mile I felt fine. This was the first race I’ve done in almost two months and boy I could tell I’d lost a decent amount of my speed. I’ve been dealing with IT Band issues since June and was happy my knee wasn’t hurting. I liked the course. It had two aid stations in it and was one big flat big loop around the surrounding neighborhood.  At the halfway point I started to get claustrophobic in my costume and I was a little bummed I wasn’t running as fast I as normally do.  The course then turned east and I could see the beautiful mountain range ahead of me. I was reminded of what a great place I live in and that I should be grateful that I’m able to run at all. After that I enjoyed the race a lot more. I crossed the finish line with a time of 25:23. One of my TBR team mates was volunteering at the event and told me I was the 3rd of 4th female across the finish line. I was pretty surprised. The results were posted and sure enough I took 3rd overall female. It’s not a PR but I’ll take it! I know I have lots of work ahead of me to get back to were I was earlier in the year.

After all the Power Ranger finished we found out we all got on the podium! Cameron and Emily both took 1st in their age groups and Spencer took 3rd in his age group. GO GO Power Rangers! Before the race awards the event staff announced the costume awards. The scariest went to a guy dressed as the Joker. The individual costume was awarded to a very tall man dressed as the Jolly Green Giant. The best group costume was awarded to…..  drum roll…… the Power Rangers! Awesome!

Me on the podium (3rd overall female)

Spencer (3rd AG) and Cameron (1st AG) on the podium.

Emily taking 1st in her age group.

We had a great time at this event and look forward to doing it again in the future. There was face painting and a cotton candy machine for the kids there. It was great being dressed up in that fun environment. We went to Denny’s afterwards for a post-race meal. A little girl there asked for our autographs! Haha! Such a fun day!

It's morphin time!


Cool race t-shirt, finishers medal and OA award.


Q: Have you ever participated in a Halloween race? If so, which one and what did you dress up as?

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