R-Scape (18 hr trail relay run)

Back in December I saw that R-Scape was having a Christmas giveaway if you liked their Facebook page. I liked their page and shortly after they announced that I won the giveaway! The event directors hand delivered an awesome gift basket to me. They told me about the race and it sounded great so I started getting a team together asap.

So let me tell you more about R-Scape. It’s an 18 hour trail relay run in the benches of Ogden. You can have 4,5 or 6 members on a team. The route is a 6 mile trail loop. Each runner takes turns running the loop to see how many loops the team can complete within an 18 hour time period. I was able to organize 4 teams of 6 runners each for the event. About half the runners on my teams were my Team Blonde Runner (TBR) teammates. The other runners were friends, family and a couple of people that are friends/coworkers of my friends.

I arrived at Mt. Ogden Park on Friday August 10th at 4:15 PM. The race didn’t start until 6 PM so it gave me some time to get organized and setup camp. Each team had a 20 ft x 20 ft plot of land at the park to setup tents and other camping equipment. The event had a sherpa service to help move the bigger pieces of furniture to the camp spots. It was fun to see people bring couches, love sacs, recliners and other big pieces of furniture.

My husband (in the middle) with a couple of his siblings.


Some of my TBR teammates waiting for their turn to run.

At 6 PM the race started and my teams cheered for the runners going out for the first loop. The temperature was starting to get a little cooler and dark clouds were threatening rain. Less than an hour later it was my turn to run the loop. I started off and almost immediately it started to rain. Good thing I love running in the rain. The trail was so much fun to run on. It was hilly and very challenging. Some spots of the trail had no shoulder and you had to be very careful not to trip and fall. The first four miles of the route was getting to the top of the trail. Just past mile three was an aid station. I refilled my hydration pack bottles and headed back out. The view at that aid station was amazing. I could see far out across the Ogden Valley and it was breathtaking. I kept my pace kind of slow. I’ve been having IT Band issues the last two months and haven’t been able to run more than a few miles on my knee at a time. Once I hit the downhill section my knee was starting to yell at me. Some of the downhill sections were very steep and looked really fun. I wish I didn’t have to hold back on those parts because of my stupid knee. The last two miles the rain really started to come down. I had a huge smile on my face. The trail was so much fun to run on, I was soaked to the bone and my legs were covered in mud. I was filled with happiness. More than once I yelled out a “wahoo!” while on the trail. I came to the exchange point and the next runner went out. My time ended up being 1:01:19. Definitely not my fastest trail run but I was happy I was able to run the full 6 miles on my knee without walking.

Base of the mountain next to the golf course.

The exchange point.

At the exchange point there was massage therapists giving free massages. They had a DJ playing some great music and some adventure movies playing on a big screen. Salomon had a big trailer there filled with trail running shoes for the runners to test out. They also had buses going to Ogden High School for those who wanted to take a shower. I skipped all of that to go get some grub. As part of the registration fee all the runners got a catered dinner from Roosters. It tasted so good! They had great pasta, salad, bread, fruit and veggies. I changed into some dry clothes and enjoyed the next couple of hours in the great company of my teams. There was lots of joking around and laughter. My husband brought some original Nintendo games and we setup an impromptu screen against a tree to project it on. At around 2 AM it was my turn to run again. My knee was really sore just walking to the exchange point so I decided I was done for the night. The next runner took my place and I decided to get some sleep. Saturday morning there was a free breakfast catered by Great Harvest. There was homemade bread, yogurt, granola and chocolate milk. Yum! Since the rain only lasted the night before they had some live musicians come out and play which was cool.

Salomon Trailer

My campsite

Just before noon the runners where allowed to go out on the trail for one last loop.  At noon the race director started the prize raffle and the winners of the race. Some of the high school teams were so fast! I think the winning team got in 26 loops! I couldn’t remember the exact fastest male time was but I think it was around 36-37 minutes! Each finisher was given a cool R-Scape token at the end of the race. I was bummed I wasn’t able to run the course during the night and early morning. Oh well…. maybe next year.

The members of my teams came from all different fitness abilities. For some this was the first race, first trail run or first 10k. Some of my other team members were avid runners, triathletes and ultra-marathoners. Some of them did one loop like I did while others ended up doing three. Each of them ran to their own ability and I was so happy all of them came to experience the race. Some family members drove all the way from Colorado for the race. One of our runners had moved to California this year and flew back just to run the race! I’m so grateful to my team members who brought camping equipment and food to share with the group. Everyone really pitched in and made it a great experience. This was my first time doing a trail relay run and I sure loved it. The organization of the race was top notch. This will definitely be on my schedule for next year.


Swag Salomon bag, race t-shirt and finishers token.


For those who are intestered in seeing exactly what the course looks like here is my Garmin data.

Q:What running surface is your favorite to run on? (road, trail, track, treadmill,etc)


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