Tour de Park City (Medio Fondo – 50 miles)

The night before this ride I was able to get a full seven hours of sleep. I think my nerves are finally starting to settle down the night before a race. Since I chose to do the 50 mile distance the start time wasn’t until 8:15 so I was able to sleep in. My husband and I left the house at 6:45 AM. When we got off the freeway exit there was a car in front of us with a bike on it so we thought we’d follow it to the start line. Too bad that person wasn’t racing that day and we ended up lost! HA! That’s what we get for not studying the maps better I guess.

There were lots cyclists on the road we were on so I knew we were on one of the course routes. We drove to the source of all the riders and found the finish line but we were on the wrong side of it! We made the loop around the area and made it to the parking lot with only a couple of minutes to spare. We got everything together, checked our tires, etc and came to the starting line only 30 seconds from the start time! Whew! I don’t think you can cut it much closer than that.

There were a good number of people doing the 50 miler and almost immediately after the start we started climbing. I was little concerned with the elevation (about 6,000 ft) but my body felt good and it was nice and cool (mid 80s). The view around Jordanelle Resevoir was great. We descended down a couple of good hills (6%-12% grades) and I knew we’d have to climb back up them on our way back. The descents were so much fun! I topped out at 49.5 mph on one of them.  We hit the first aid station at mile 20. We refilled the water bottles and headed back out. I was still feeling great and the time was flying by. All the climbing I’ve been doing recently really helped out on this ride.

We passed the second aid station at mile 30 and decided not to stop since there was another one at mile 40. Between miles 30-40 we made great time averaging 19-20 mph. The roads were relatively flat with hardly any wind. We got to third aid station at around mile 40 and stopped and refilled the water bottles again. The volunteer there informed us that we had one last big climb to reach the finish.  The last climb was 6-7 miles long with about 1300 ft of climbing. The wind picked up and was blowing pretty hard. I remember looked down at my watch and seeing my speed at 5 mph. Our average speed before this last climb was 17 mph but this last climb just killed it.   We made it to the top of the climb and came to the finish line. Our final time 3:09:25, 49.49 miles with 3.415 feet of climibing. Add another 10 minutes for the two aid stations we stopped at.

After we put our bikes away I went and spoke to the race director, Ben Towery. He said there were about 300 people who registered that morning and about 750 total riders. What a great turnout. The big KPCW cycling festival was afterwards and it started at noon. We had to get back home so I missed out on that. This ride was so much fun! We never had any mishaps or saw any while we were out on the road.  I’m glad I dropped down to the 50 miler instead of doing the full 157 miler. I’ve been recovering from an injury and this ended being the perfect ride for me. The full 157 miler is definitely on my bucket list and I hope to complete it within the next couple of years. Great ride!

For those who’d like to check out my Garmin data, here is the link.


Me after the ride


The awesome event t-shirt and finishers medal. I love the design on the t-shirt. One of my favorites.

Q: What are some of the big events on your bucket list?


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